EIM Organisation


EIM is a Brussels-based, international, non-profit association which represents the common interests of European Rail Infrastructure Managers. EIM currently has 12 full and 3 associate members which accounts for 11 European countries.
The members of EIM are dedicated to improve railway infrastructure management and the service they provide to their customers.
This is fulfilled by promoting self-improvement through benchmarking and the exchange of best practice. The organisational structure of EIM is designed to provide the best platform for this reason.

President and Vice-Presidents

The association has a President and three Vice-Presidents. The President represents the association externally. He is assisted in his functions by the Vice-Presidents.

Executive Director

The association is managed by the Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day management of the association and ensures the management and support of the EIM secretariat.

General Assembly (GA)

The GA is the highest and final governance authority of the association. The GA is responsible for defining the general policy orientations of the association and decides on all major strategic and financial matters of the association including the annual budget and the Business Plan.

CEO’s Club

The CEO’s Club is not a governance body of EIM, but provides a forum for the leaders of  European Rail Infrastructure Managers to discuss matters of mutual interest, e.g. common challenges of managing their national railway networks. The CEO’s Club meets at least twice a year. Discussions include innovation and best practice; developments at national and European level; key performance indicators; and any other business CEO’s may find of interest.

Policy and Management Committee (PMC)

The PMC brings together the delegates who represent the interests of EIM members within the association. The PMC represents the mechanism through which member companies exercise day-to-day influence in the activities of EIM.

Technical Steering Group (TSG)

The TSG coordinates the contribution of the members to all the association’s technical engagements, including agreeing on speakers allocated to ERA working parties, cooperation on technical matters and supporting other work as determined by the  technical staff of EIM.

Working Groups

The core EIM technical coordination between members is hosted via the running of several Working Groups. Member experts meet on a regular basis in order to work on a range of technical subjects including Infrastructure, Energy, ERTMS, Safety, Security, Environment, Asset Management, Operations, etc. They support the work of the association with their expertise from all over Europe.
Moreover, most Working Groups contribute speakers to the Agency (former ERA) working bodies and represent the technical opinion of EIM on different Agency workstreams.