EIM Chairs and Speakers meeting 2018

EIM Chairs and Speakers meeting 2018

From 10-09-18 to 11-09-18

EIM Event

On the 10th and 11th September, EIM hosted its first Chairs and Speakers meeting, allowing the experts and the EIM management to take note of the work done, discuss potential adjustments and prepare for the work ahead. The meeting was held exclusively for the members of EIM. 

The focus of the meeting was the cooperation between EIM working groups and the improvement of collaboration among the members of the WGs. EIM would like to profusely thank all its experts for the ongoing work.

The afternoon on the 10th of September consisted of presentations by the EIM Ex Dir, Monika Heiming, and the EIM Technical Team. On 11th, all Chairs and Speakers of EIM WGs also gave presentations to introduce their working group, its organisational structure, the achievements and need for collaboration with EIM.


Johan Gunnarsson (Trafikverket) and Jesus Pousada Sabao (ADIF) from INF WG

Kent Erik Hytter (Trafikverket) from OPE WG

Johan Larsen Aase (Bane NOR) from SAF WG

Hampus Mansson (Trafikverket) from SRT WG

Guy Huckle (Network Rail) from SEC WG

Paul Tobback (Infrabel) from ENE WG

Karla Sanchez (SNCF Réseau) and Hans Schmidt (ProRail) from RST WG

EIM Technical Team

Ellinor Nyberg (Trafikverket) from PRM WG

Chiel Roovers (ProRail) from NOI WG

Will Deakin (Network Rail) and Patrick Konix (Infrabel) from TAP-TAF WG

David Gill (Network Rail) from RINF WG

Henri van Houten (ProRail) from ERTMS WG

Jean-Pierre de Coninck (Infrabel) from TDC WG

Jos Nooijen (ProRail) from TEL WG