EIM Workshop on Contractual Arrangements (MACs)

EIM Workshop on Contractual Arrangements (MACs)


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On 13th November, EIM held a workshop to discuss the current regulatory framework on contractual agreements for infrastructure quality between the Member States and their infrastructure managers.

The aim of this workshop was to provide EIM members with an overview of the rules for such contracts as well as an opportunity to exchange views with the Commission on how these rules should be implemented. This includes notably the strategic infrastructure development, the negotiations, effective incentives for efficient maintenance and the monitoring of such contractual agreements under the general principles of sustainable finance, financial equilibrium and management independence of the infrastructure manager.

The morning session of the workshop was dedicated to discussing the current regulatory framework for Contractual Agreements. Mr Frank Jost from the European Commission presented the legal framework and set out some recommendations for applying these rules at a national level. Regular consultations of clients and users plus the involvement of the regulatory body as competent mediator between State and infrastructure manager are key success factors. EIM members raised difficulties they come across and discussed what the new legal framework can help to find effective solutions. 

The following part of the Workshop was dedicated to discussing the results of an EIM internal survey on the state of play of the Contractual Agreements in each Member State. This session allowed EIM members to exchange experiences on several issues such as the scope of the Agreement, its enforceability, the inclusion and measurement of KPIs or the relationship between TACs and state compensations.