EIM Workshop on Safety in Railway Tunnels and Dangerous Goods.

EIM Workshop on Safety in Railway Tunnels and Dangerous Goods.


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With regard to safety in railway tunnels, several legal frameworks overlap. Most notably there is the Safety in Railway Tunnels TSI and rules stemming from the respective national law. However, additional rules can apply like the Règlement concernant le transport international ferroviaire des marchandises dangereuses (RID). Against the background of a new SRT TSI (the revised version applies since January 2015) many railway actors are interested in the issue of safety in railway tunnels, the relation to existing rule sets like the RID and, consequently, on the question of which technical measures and new procedures may be needed to comply with the current legal situation.

An proof of this interest is the trilateral workshop carried out on 05. and 06.05.2015 by Infrabel, PLK and the Luxembourgian railways CFL.
On the request of its members, EIM organised a larger workshop for all members.

Participants exchanged in two panels on technical aspects, namely best practice and new technologies, as well as legal aspects, most notably which legal rule sets apply and which investments are necessary to comply with them.
In a third panel, representatives of the European Railway Agency (ERA) reported on the changes made in the new SRT TSI. EIM’s experts used the occasion to clarify specific issues of the TSI and to exchange with ERA on problematic parts.

Participating experts acknowledged the added value of the meeting and decided to follow it up with further meetings.