EIM elects new President

EIM elects new President


Today, the General Assembly of EIM unanimously elected Pier Eringa, CEO of ProRail, the rail infrastructure manager in the Netherlands.

Outgoing EIM President Antti Vehviläinen thanked all members and the team of EIM for their confidence in him and the excellent cooperation. He also warmly welcomed Pier Eringa.

Pier Eringa stated that: “Together with my colleagues, I continue being committed to leverage infrastructure managers' role. I am keen to make our best practices available to others and learn from them in order to serve our customers even better. We are currently ongoing substantial reforms, triggered by EU legislation but also external factors, such as digitalization, automatization and geopolitics. In such a constantly changing environment, we need a single actor to represent our interests. Hence, EIM is of strategic importance for me and my company. Together with my colleagues, we will work on seeking a strong, yet future-oriented collaborative dialogue with all relevant stakeholders whilst preparing for the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

The General Assembly endorsed the work done and progress made in 2017 and set out an ambitious work plan for 2018 and beyond.