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EIM elects as Vice-President Luc Lallemand (BE)

EIM elects as Vice-President Luc Lallemand (BE)


Today, the General Assembly of EIM unanimously elected as Vice-President Luc Lallemand, CEO of the Belgian Infrastructure Manager Infrabel. Pier Eringa, EIM President and CEO of the Dutch Infrastructure Manager ProRail, and his Vice-Presidents Lena Erixon, CEO of the Swedish Infrastructure Manager Trafikverket and Miguel Nieto Menor, Director General of the Spanish rail Infrastructure Manager ADIF, welcomed their new fellow board member.

Luc Lallemand thanked all the members of EIM and said that: “It’s a pleasure and an honor to be appointed as your new Member of the Board. EIM and the sector, face challenging and exciting times: what will bring the European elections and how will this be reflected in the next EU Budget (2021-27). Now is the time to do all the groundwork, and make sure that enough means are reserved for rail, enough to deliver interoperability, and enough to preserve our competitiveness towards other modes of transport. I’m looking forward to contribute to these discussions and to support EIM to face the challenges and defend the members’ interests.

The General Assembly endorsed the achievements made in 2018 and the priorities for 2019.