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EIM TSG elects its Vice-Chairs

EIM TSG elects its Vice-Chairs


The EIM Technical Steering Group (TSG) elected as Vice-Chairs Francisco José Contreras Martinez from the International Department at the Spanish rail Infrastructure Manager ADIF, and Jean-Marc Pourchier, Interoperability Manager at the French rail Infrastructure Manager SNCF Réseau (FR). They will support Andy Doherty, the Chair of EIM’s TSG Chair and Chief Technical Officer of the British rail Infrastructure Manager Network Rail (UK) in his duties.


EIM TSG Chair Andy Doherty stated: “Today, the EIM TSG elected two Vice-Chairs to support the work of the TSG. This reflects and pays tribute to the scope of reforms in the rail sector, following the adoption of the 4th Railway Package (4RP). Jean-Marc Pourchier will focus on technical interoperability and safety issues of the 4RP and Francisco Contreras on the general legal and political aspects of it, while paying particular attention to the implementation of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). Altogether, we will promote the role and interests of the rail infrastructure manager, especially vis-à-vis the rail sector and the EU”.


EIM Executive Director Monika Heiming highly welcomed the appointment and confirmed that she is looking forward to work more closely with both deputy chairs.  


The TSG coordinates the contribution of the members in the technical field, to the European Union Agency for Railways and its working parties. The TSG also provides strategic input to EIM on specific technical matters. The TSG is chaired by Andy Doherty (Network Rail) and meets five times a year.